The Sheriff is a main character of the Two-Bit series.


The Sheriff is hard working man who can be dimwitted at times. He can be absent minded at times and forgetful. He also seems to be very dedicated to his job. To the point of actually running all the way to town, and even trying to stop two giant monsters by himself.


The Sheriff is a middle-aged man who has a western accent. He wears a cowboy hat and a green mask around his neck. He wears a belt with a hoister, and he carries a pistol around with him at all times. He also has blue pants and brown boots. His hair is black.


One Lump Or Two
Flight Of The Living Dead
Giant Problem
Gnome Sayin'


  1. Was killed by zom-bees stings, and turned into a zombie.


The Beaver

The Sheriff and The Beaver are very close, and both rely on one another to get by day to day.


The Sheriff and Leonard are best friends, and though they both may be at odds sometimes. They both have each others back if something goes down. The Sheriff is sometimes skeptical of Leonard's way of doing things, but usually follows along.


  • He has appeared in every episode of Two-Bit so far.
  • He appears to be the only human in the series.