This is the transcript for the Two-Bit episode Sweetie.

The Sheriff is seen hammering a outhouse he had just built
The Sheriff Whew! (Wipes brow) Done and done. Time for lunch.
The Sheriff walks over to a tool box, and starts dig rummage through it until he takes out a pink cupcake
The Sheriff Hmmm hmmm!
Strange giggling noises
The Sheriff (The Sheriff says quickly) Hold on a second who said that!
Mysterious voice Over here silly.
The Sheriff looks at the cupcake
Sweetie Hi, I am Sweetie.
The Sheriff Aww.
Swweetie (Sweetie jumps) Eat me!
The Sheriff (Surprised) Excuse me?
Sweetie Eat me!
The Sheriff Ummm. That seems a little weird.
Sweetie (jumps again) Eat meee!
The Sheriff No, I ain't going to eat you!
Sweetie Come on mister. (jumps again) Eat me.
The Sheriff (Turns head away from Sweetie) No way!
Sweetie (becomes upset) Eat me! Eat me! Eat me! Eat me! (Closes eyes) Eat me! Eat me! Eat me!
The Sheriff (Opens eyes) Okay fine!
The Sheriff takes a bite out of Sweetie
Sweetie (Jumps in pain) Oh my! Dear God why! Why would you (Sweetie jumps again) eat me!
The Sheriff (Mouth full) But, but, eh, but! (Farts) Oh no!
Sheriff throws Sweetie behind him, and runs for the outhouse. He then enters and closes the door. We can hear straining noises until a ding noise is heard
The Sheriff (opens outhouse door holding his stomach) Oh man.
Mysterious Voice Psst, (Sheriff jumps) down here.
The Sheriff turns around to see a poop with a face in the toilet
Poop (Jumps) Flush me!
The Sheriff I definitely need to start going to a new grocery store.
Two-Bit logo appears, and then the screen goes black.