"The Sheriff finally finished the outhouse. Is there any better way to celebrate than with a cupcake? Probably."
―-YouTube Description
Sweetie is the second episode of Two-Bit.


The episode begins with the Sheriff putting the finishing touches on a brand new outhouse. Once he is done, he decides to eat his lunch. He opens his lunchbox, and pulls out a cupcake. Before he can enjoy his treat. He hears a noice. The Sheriff realizes that his cupcake was the one who made the noise. The cupcake

introduces herself as Sweetie. Though the Sheriff finds her cute, Sweeties demands to be eaten.

The Sheriff is reluctant to do so, but Sweetie suggests that he eat her. After denying her request, Sweetie begins to beg incessantly to be eaten. No longer able to take her whining anymore, the Sheriff finally takes a bite out of her. However, Sweetie begins screaming, and shouts at the Sheriff why he would eat her. Just as the Sheriff tries to defend himself, he gets a little gassy inside, so he runs into his outhouse, and takes a hard dump.

The Sheriff exits his outhouse, and hears another noise. He looks down, and realizes that his poop is talking. It requests to be flushed. The Sheriff, stunned at this sight, ends the episode saying, "I definitely need to start going to a new grocery store."


The Sheriff
The Poop



  • In the comments for this video, it it stated that Warren Graff voices the Sheriff.