"Did you miss Two Bit? I missed Two Bit. In this very special episode we answer the age old question, "What are lawn gnomes really like?" You won't believe it...or maybe you will...I don't know you well enough to guess."
―-Zwak Facebook page post
Gnome Sayin' is the sixth and last episode of Two-Bit.


Leonard and The Sheriff walk out of a general store carrying various garden supplies, complaining about the expenses of getting a lawn going, and decide they need help.

They soon after bump into a group of gnomes. They immediately jump to the conclusion that the gnomes are illegal immigrants looking for work, and offer them jobs. The Gnomes explain that they are not looking for work, but The Sheriff remains ignorant, and offers to pay them "under the table".

Who appears to be the head gnome, explains that he is not an immigrant, but in fact an educated forester and that they are behind schedule, therefore being unable to help, and offers to help them on a later occasion. After they leave, Leonard and The Sheriff become annoyed at the Gnomes, because they jumped to the conclusion that the duo were horticulturists, which they are not.


The Sheriff
The Gnomes




  • Running Gag: Leonard and The Sheriff jump to the conclusion that The Gnomes are poor, poverty stricken immigrants (which they are not).