"Love hurts, and in some cases, it can lay waste to an entire town."
―-YouTube Description
Giant Problem is the forth episode of Two-Bit.


The episode begins in the town of Two-Bit. Everybody is screaming like crazy, and buildings are in wrecks. The Sheriff fights back using only his pistol, and the Beaver asks what's going on. The Sheriff tells her that giant monsters are attacking. The Beaver is stunned at this, wondering how a nice little town could be attacked my creatures. It turns out that a newspaper's front page included an article declaring Two-Bit the best monster-free town, which somehow attracted the attention of the monsters.

As the Sheriff continues to fight back, a scientist named Professor von Bon arrives, holding a bomb that will surely kill the monsters. While the two monsters propose to each other (courtesy of some subtitles), the Sheriff tosses the bomb, enveloping the screen in a bright flash.

When the dust settles, the entire town is destroyed, and the Sheriff lays on the ground, where he weakly declares that he has no regrets, except for forgetting to light the fuse on the bomb.


The Sheriff
The Beaver
Ellie Mae
Professor von Bon


  1. An innumerable amount of people are killed in the monster attacks. (Debatable)



  • This episode reveals that the name "Two-Bit" is actually the name of the town.