The Sheriff stands ready with his arms held out to his side. Camera then zooms out to reveal Boneface in the same pose as The Sheriff.
Boneface Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaa! (Points at The Sheriff) This looks like the end of you Sheriff. I hope you are ready to meet your maker.
The Sheriff Ha! (Closes one and points at Boneface) Not today Boneface.
Boneface Everyone will know it was (Points at self) I, your arch-nemesis, that finally defeated you.
The Sheriff Wait! (Sheriff looks confused and points at Boneface) Did you just say arch-nemesis.
Boneface (Lowers hand) That's right. (Wiggles fingers, making a boney sound) I have been looking forward to this for a very long time
The Sheriff (Puts hands out in a explanatory way) This is a little awkward.
Boneface B-but I don't understand. What's awkward? That I am about to kill you?
The Sheriff (Sighs)