"The Sheriff faces off with his arch nemesis...and boy is it awkward."
―-YouTube Description
Frenemies is the fifth episode of Two-Bit.


It's day and we see The Sheriff and Boneface staring at each other seemingly about to duel. Boneface then insits to The Sheriff that he's "about to meet his maker" and then says he is his arch-nemesis. The The Sheriff asks if he said "arch-nemesis" and Boneface says he was looking forward to defeating him for a long time.

Then The Sheriff says this is a little awkward because he already has an arch-nemesis. Boneface then gets sad because he wonders if The Sheriff was ever gonna tell him. The Sheriff then insists that they were just having some fun. Boneface then says he built a doomsday device for him. The Sheriff then insists that was very sweet. But then Boneface says he can't have it now and may give it to "Captain Captain". Then Scorpion Bandit appears, pointing a gun at The Sheriff.

The Scorpion Bandit then questions who the guy was that walked away. And The Sheriff just insists that he's just another villain. The Scorpion Bandit then dismisses it and asks if they're still on for later. And The Sheriff says he'll be there at high noon, he then calls him his arch-nemesis and winks. And then The Scorpion Bandit says he can't wait to show him his new doomsday device and walks away.

Leonard then appears and The Sheriff says he'll never understand villains. Leonard then says that's why he only dates bears, which marks the end of the episode.


The Sheriff
Scorpion Bandit