This is the transcript for the Two-Bit episode Flight Of The Living Dead.

Leonard and The Sheriff walk into the scene
The Sheriff You know I can just go the shop and buy a jar of honey.
Leonard Store bought honey! Yuck! That honey is full of chemical and bee vomit. This is to die for, and best part. Nobody knows about it.
The Sheriff (Talks to self) I can see why.
Leonard stops
Leonard Here we are.
The Sheriff So uh, do we just reach in there or what?
Leonard No way man! I’ve got an app for that. (Shows white cell phone)
Bee flies into the scene, and buzzes around The Sheriff. The Sheriff then punches it, and it falls to the ground. It then comes back to life, and The Sheriff puts down his jar, and smashes the bee between his hand. Bee twitches as it lays on his hand.
Leonard gathers honey with his app, until he turns toward The Sheriff.
Leonard Woah! (Walks over to the Sheriff and bats the bee out of his hand, and starts to hastily walk away) We need to go now.
The Sheriff Why? You afraid of some bees?
Leonard You don’t understand. These are zom-bees. They won't die.
Swarm of zom-bees fly out of tree hole, and Leonard and The Sheriff start to run.
The Sheriff (Says quickly) Hey over there. Jump in the water.
Leonard and The Sheriff jump into the water, and they land hard in what is a puddle.
The Sheriff (Groans) Oh man.
The zom-bee swarm attacks Leonard and The Sheriff, and they scream in pain.
The Screen goes black
The silhouettes Leonard and The Sheriff walk slowly towards a house
The Sheriff Oww I can't feel my leg.
Sheriff turns on a light to reveal that they are zombies
The Sheriff Dagnabit! We done turned into some zombies.
Leonard Man, zombies were so like last year.
Screen goes black as the Two-Bit logo appears.