"To Bee or Not to Bee? That is the question Leonard and The Sheriff must figure out. The answer? Stay away from the bees!!"
―-YouTube Description
Flight of The Living Dead is the third episode of Two-Bit.


Late at night we see Leonard and The Sheriff walking through what appears to be a swamp. The Sheriff questions Leonard on why they didn't just buy honey in a store, but he insists that no honey bought from a store will ever be as good as fresh honey.

Leonard and The Sheriff come to an abrupt stop as they reach the nest, which is soon after drained of honey by an app on Leonard's phone. As the honey is drained, The Sheriff notices a bee, and kills it. Soon after, more bees appear, and are also killed, much to Leonard's dismay, as the bees can not be killed.

A swarm of bees rise from the nest and attack the duo, chasing them from the swamp. Later as they return to town, they notice that they have been turned into zombies, which is the finishing scene of the episode.


The Sheriff


  • Sheriff is turned into a zombie by the zom-bees.
  • Leonard is turned into a zombie by the zom-bees.