"It has jokes and stuff."

Two-Bit is an internet cartoon series made by ZwakAttack. The series premiered on July 11, 2014.


Two-Bit follows the adventures of a sheriff living in the old western town of Two-Bit, and the different problems he encounters. The three most frequent characters are the sheriff, a female beaver who wears a light blue bonnet, and Leonard the bear.

The animation style is that of an 8-Bit or 16-Bit video game. All the backgrounds and characters are pixelated.


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The show is available on YouTube in all regions. The channel it is posted on is ZWak.


  • The trailer for Two-Bit was the very first thing posted on Kenn Navarro's YouTube channel ZWaK.
  • According to a YouTube comment by Kenn Navarro on Two-Bit:Sweetie, he states that Warren Graff voices the sheriff.
  • Despite the town's old western appearance, modern technology (such as cell-phones) are seen in various episodes.