This page documents an official The Cartoon Encyclopedia policy.
The guidelines on this page should be followed by all editors at all times.

The Cartoon Encyclopedia Wiki has certain standards for page layouts and what pages should be created for a series. To help ensure the stability, consistency, and professionalism of the wiki, the Page policy is a set of guidelines for building pages for the wiki.

Series Page List


  1. All the things listed are to be treated as headers except summaries, which are the very first thing on an article, e.g. Gumball is a main character...
  2. Numbers beside the headers are what order they should appear on the page. If a heading is not added. Skip to the next highest number.
  3. If numbers are not listed they should be treated as top is first and bottom is last.
  4. Some pages may be exempted from a series pages.
  5. Make sure to check the series specific rulesets for any thing that may be different for a certain series on how pages are set up.
  6. And rememeber. If you don't know what you are doing or need help. Admin will be willing to help you at any time.

Page List

This is a list of pages that should be created for every series, and including optional pages for the series. Each page must have a specific layout and order, which will be further discussed down below

Studio Pages

These pages are for studios who produce cartoons.

What must be added

  • Summary 1
  • Description 2
  • Who owns it 4
  • List of series 5
    • List of Current 6
    • List of canceled or ended shows 7
  • Trivia 8


  • Location 3



Series Pages

Every series must have a series page, This page includes info on the series.

What must be added

  • Summary 1
  • Description 2
  • Links to list of characters and episodes. 3
  • Availabilty 6
  • Trivia 7


  • Main Characters 4
  • Controversies 5



Episode Pages

Every series must have episode pages.

What must be added

  • Summary 1
  • Snyposis 2
  • Appearances 3
  • Errors 6
  • Trivia 7


  • Contunity 4
  • Series Specific (Ask admin for addition of this to the series' ruleset) 5


Catch My Drift

Character Pages

Every series must have a character page for major and supporting characters. They must follow these rules on layout.

What must be added

  • Summary 1
  • Background 2
  • Descritpions 3
  • Apperances 4
  • Relationships (Major Characters) 6
  • Trivia 7


  • Series specific (Ask admin for addition of this to the series' ruleset) 5
  • Relationships (Supporting Characters)


The Sheriff

List Pages

Every series must have list pages.

What must be added

  • Character lists
    • Major Characters
    • Featuring Characters
  • Minor Character list
    • Characters
    • Animals (If any)
  • Episode list
    • Shorts (If Any)
    • Episodes
    • Movies (If any)


  • Object list
    • Vehicles
    • Pocessions (Like wallets, cellphones, and stuff like that)
    • Books
    • TV and Films
    • Bands
    • Others (Things that may be very important but are not owned)
  • Locations list
    • Villages/Towns/Cities
    • Homes
    • Stores
    • Public Places (Places like schools and community centers)
    • Countries
    • Natural Locations


List of Two-Bit episodes (Episode)
List of Two-Bit characters (Major/Supporting Characters)
List of Zwak Attack Minor Characters (Minor Characters)
List of Two-Bit Objects (Objects)
List of Two-Bit Location (Locations)

Gallery Pages

Every series must have gallery pages.

What must be added

  • Character gallery pages
  • Episode gallery pages

Transcript Pages

Most every series needs transcript pages. This is optional depending on the series.

What must be added

  • Transcript


One Lump Or Two/Transcript

Shorts Pages Lists

A short animation that does not fit into another series. This category includes test pilots.

What must be added

  • Summary 1
  • Synopsis 2
  • Main Characters 3
  • Errors 5
  • Availability 6
  • Trivia 8


  • Minor Characters 4
  • Crew 7
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