This page documents an official The Cartoon Encyclopedia policy.
The guidelines on this page should be followed by all editors at all times.

The The Cartoon Encyclopedia Wiki permits the use of images to further enhance readers' experience. To help ensure the stability, consistency, and professionalism of the wiki, the Editing policy is a set of guidelines for editing pages.


You can only make a category on The Cartoon Encyclopedia if you have asked an admin if you can do so. This rule excludes users who are content mod or higher. This also excludes Category Adders, who are trustworthy enough to make categories without admin permission.

Categories must follow a specific naming policy, and must be added correctly to each page.

  • Gallery and Episode page categories should be named "Series name" episodes or "series name" galleries.
  • Any list page should use the "type of list" list. EX: Category:Object List
  • All pages in a series must have a category of the series name.
  • Files should have images of "character" and images of "series name".
  • If a character or series have a similar name. Make sure to put in (Channel) or if a remake (year).
  • All series pages should have the Type category, like Animated Sitcom, comedy, etc.
  • On series pages. A creator category (Shows made by "Creator name). There should be a category also for the year the show was first made (Series made in "year")


  • All edits outside thread, blog, and user pages, should be in American English.
  • No useless edits to try and raise your edit count.
  • When doing large edits that require a lot of time. Please use the template:inuse.
  • Though not mandatory, please add edit summaries so we know what kind of edits you are making.
  • Please do not add unconfirmed info to a page, or if it is relatively new, please add a reference to it by linking the info to the very bottom of the page in the reference section. (If no reference section, please add one)


  • All episode and character pages should have the series name in front of it.
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