This is a page containing information on all minor characters from both Two-Bit and D-Void. All the characters that appear on this page have only appeared once in the series.



Sweetie is the titular character from the Two-Bit episode: Sweetie.

  • Sweetie has only appeared once so far, though is unlikely to return due to being eaten on request by The Sheriff.
  • Despite a cupcake technically being genderless, Sweetie appears to be female.
  • Sweetie's bizarre request to be eaten could be seen as a sign of insanity.



Zom-bees are a group of undead bees that appear in the Two-Bit episode: Flight of the Living Dead.

  • They have only appeared once so far, but may play a larger role in future episodes.
  • Their name is a portmanteau of zombie and bees.
  • It is not certain if their sting turns people to zombies, or if the person must die after being stung.


Malignant Mel

Malignant Mel was an infamous bandit who had terrorized the Town of Two-Bit, and was killed by the beaver to hide the accidental murder of his brother, Benign Benny, by The Beaver in the Two-Bit episode: One Lump or Two

  • He is currently the only character that has been intentionally killed by another character.
  • His name, like his brother Benign Benny, are puns on the two different types of tumors, benign and malicious.


Benign Benny

Benign Benny was the brother of Malignant Mel, who was mistaken for him, and caused panic in Two-Bit before being killed by The Sheriff in the Two-Bit Episode: One Lump or Two

  • His name, like his brother Malignant Mel, are puns on the two different types of tumors, benign and malicious.



Mercury is a slug that appears in the Two-Bit episode: One Lump or Two.

  • Its name is ironic in that Mercury is usually a name for something that moves fast, but the slug moves at extremely slow speeds.



Gladis is a character who appears in the Two-Bit episode: One Lump or Two

  • She is depicted as being Earl's wife.



Earl is a character who appears in the Two-Bit episode: One Lump or Two

  • It is unlikely that he'll appear again, as he committed suicide short after his appearance.
  • The likelihood of him having marital issues before death is high, due to him still committing suicide after being informed be his wife, Gladis, that she was still alive.
  • He is the only character to have committed suicide so far in both series.



The Gnomes are a group of gnomes who are mistaken for day laborers by The Sheriff and Leonard in the Two-Bit episode: Gnome Sayin'

  • The Gnomes seem to be horticulturist, and this could be a nod to the fact that gnomes are usually associated with gardens.


Scorpion Bandit






Ellie Mae



Space Mosquitoes

Space Mosquitoes are a group of very dangerous mosquitoes that appear in the D-Void episode: Don't Bug Me

  • Space Mosquitoes have super strength, and higher then normal intelligence compared to real life mosquito. Since a small swarm of ten mosquitoes could carry a very heavy spacesuit, and have the ability to break glass with their proboscis. Their intelligence also show that they know how to trick and fool a human, and what human gestures are.
  • Unlike real life mosquitoes. Space Mosquitoes seem to have fast incubation times, between 5 to 10 seconds, and do not require water to hatch.