"If you think mosquitoes are bad where you live, wait till you see the ones in space!"
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Don't Bug Me is the second episode of the Internet series, D_Void. It premiered on March 7, 2015.


Astronaut #1 and #2 are seen mining for crystals on a rock-like planet. As Astronaut #1 goes to check another area, a mosquito like insect lands on top of Astronaut #2's helmet, and repeatedly jabs its stinger on his helmet. Hearing the noise, as well as seeing it make a small crack on his helmet, he begins to panic. After the mosquito makes a big enough hole, it opens its stinger, and deposits numerous eggs. As Astronaut #1 examines a crystal, Astronaut #2 begins running around in fear, hoping to get Astronaut #1's attention, but Astronaut #1 doesn't seem to notice this because he's too busy examining the crystal. Moments later, five of the many deposited eggs hatch, and the hatched mosquitoes all stake their stingers into Astronaut #2's head, where they quickly suck out his blood, making his body deflate like a balloon. At that moment, the mosquito that deposited the eggs closes its stinger, and flies away.

Astronaut #1, unaware of what happened to Astronaut #2, tells him it's time for lunch. At that moment, the mosquitoes fake that Astronaut #2 is alive by wiggling one of the arms on the spacesuit as if he was waving hello. Astronaut #1, confused at what he just saw, walks away. The moment he leaves, all the mosquitoes that hatched lift Astronaut #2's space suit, and they carry it away.


Astronaut No. 1
[[D-Void:Astronaut No. 2|Astronaut No. 2]


  1. Astronaut #2's blood is all sucked out by a swarm of mosquitoes.



  • The title of this episode means to not bother someone.
  • This episode is the only episode so far where one character survives and another dies.