"Working in space is fun and rewarding! Well…maybe not fun…it’s hard work. Also, it’s not very rewarding…since they don’t pay you. In fact, working in space you’ll probably just end up dead."
―YouTube description
Catch My Drift is the first episode of the internet series, D-Void. It premiered on October 25, 2014.


The episode begins outside a space station orbiting a nearby planet. Outside of the station is Astronaut #3, who is trying to fix the station. In his hand, he holds a torch. However, every time he uses it, the force of the flame pushes him away. After this occurs twice, Astronaut #3 hooks a grappling hook to the station to stay secure. He tests this out, and it works. However, he hooked the grappling hook onto an escape pod that Astronaut #1 is in, and it slides out of the station.

Now in the drift of space, Astronaut #3 tries to push himself, and the pod backwards. Sadly, the torch has run out of fuel, disappointing Astronaut #3. Because they aren't getting pushed back, the escape pod gets caught in the gravitational field of the nearby planet. With the pod descending at an increasing speed and alarming rate, Astronaut #3 tries to pull the pod upwards. Suddenly, the intense heat causes Astronaut #3's head to boil, and helmet to crack. Because of this, his head explodes.

The escape pod crashes onto the planet surface, which is all floral like. Astronaut #1 jumps out of the destroyed escape pod, and gives a sigh of relief, having survived the impact. Suddenly, Astronaut #3's torch comes down and impales his head. To add insult to injury, a flame spews out of the torch, revealing it wasn't empty on fuel, and the force of the flame makes Astronaut #1 fall over dead.


Astronaut No. 1
Astronaut No. 3


  1. Astronaut #3's head explodes from boiling heat.
  2. Astronaut #1's head is impaled by Astronaut #3's torch.


  1. When Astronaut #1 jumps out of the escape pod, the "1" on his spacesuit is backwards.


  • This is the premier episode of D_Void.
  • To "catch someone's drift" means to understand something.
  • All the deaths in this episode involve the head.