The correct title of this article is Astronaut #1. The omission of the # is because of technical restrictions.

Astronuat #1 is one of the three main characters of D-Void.


Astronaut #1 is the most oblivious of the group. This can be seen in Don't Bug Me when he neglects to notice one of his teammates being eaten alive by space mosquitoes. He also seems to be the leader of the group due to his number, and him being seen ordering others.


Astronaut #1 is the leader of the astronauts. He's a dog who wears a spacesuit with a "1" and the Roman numeral "I" on the front.



  1. Teaser trailer: Crushed by a rocketship.
  2. Catch My Drift: Head impaled by a blowtorch.


Like the other three, he seem to be close with the other, but his interactions are very limited to him asking Astronaut No. 2 if he wants to have some lunch.


  • There is some debate on whether he is a dog or a giraffe within the fanbase. No official answer has been given.
  • He has appeared the most, and he has died the most.