D-Void (stylized with an underscore as D_Void) is a spin-off series of Happy Tree Friends. The show is made by ZwakAttack.


D_Void follows the adventures of three astronauts in the depths of deep space. Each of the characters usually do what people in space stations usually do, such as repairing the exterior of the space station they're in or make sure everything is under control.

Each astronaut has a number on it that tells who's who. Astronaut #1 resembles a brown dog, Astronaut #2 resembles a green bird, and Astronaut #3 resembles a purple cat. It is possible they weren't given names. The characters are never heard talking in the teaser or their first episode, but their speeches are said in the form of speech bubbles, and their voices are said in transmission static. Each episode last around 1-2 minutes.


List of D-Void Episodes
List of D-Void Characters
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The show is available on YouTube in all regions. The channel it is posted on is ZWak.


  • The first episode of D_Void premiered on October 25, 2014.
  • This cartoon has a different animation style than Happy Tree Friends.
  • According to, it is said on the news board that even though Kenn Navarro is working on a new show, he says that he's still involved with all things HTF. He promises that the show isn't over, and episodes will come in the future.
  • Every death so far in this series has involved the head.